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After getting locked out of my apt I did a quick google search and found this place. I called and had a technician here within 20min. Super kind, very professional, highly recommend.
Alon Clinch
Alon C.
09:42 12 Dec 20
Sherman McKenzie
Sherman M.
08:51 23 Nov 20
Fair prices
Will Smith
Will S.
05:56 20 Nov 20
I had a problem with my garage door and they fixed it.
Smith Anderson
Smith A.
05:55 20 Nov 20
Installed me 3 different locks, did a good job thank you
Sonia Singh
Sonia S.
05:54 20 Nov 20
Levy was great I had a few issues with my main door entry’s (they were not closing and locking properly since they had been installed when I moved in) I called and they came very quick I explained the situation and they fixed and repaired 3 doors and 4 locks, price was fair and they did an amazing job. Highly recommended 10/10
Julie Kumari
Julie K.
05:53 20 Nov 20
Great service
Sant Martins
Sant M.
12:56 17 Nov 20
Needed to get a lock and deadbolt installed and I called nylocksmithnearme, they did an fantastic job thank you.
Joshun Joshun
Joshun J.
12:56 17 Nov 20
Excellent this service is very nice and very helpful service. I recommended all our friends. Top rated
Margaret Margret
Margaret M.
04:11 15 Nov 20
Very professional and knows how to do the job 10/10 thank you
04:10 15 Nov 20
Very helpful & great service
Kane Williumson
Kane W.
04:10 15 Nov 20
Best in the business
Chris Hemsworth
Chris H.
04:07 15 Nov 20
Great service and good price!
Annette Njeri
Annette N.
06:07 14 Nov 20
Very good job at a reasonable price. Thank you.
Mary Smith
Mary S.
05:50 13 Nov 20
Great service
johnny Bairstrow
johnny B.
05:49 13 Nov 20
Excellent this service is very nice and very helpful service. I recommended all our friends.
John Smith
John S.
05:47 13 Nov 20
Highly recommended for lockouts
Justin Beebar
Justin B.
05:46 13 Nov 20
After being burgled, I have struggled to sleep and feel safe in my home. I am so thankful for Levy. He is a true professional and very knowledgeable about different locks. He came very quickly and with many options for us to choose from. I would definitely recommend his services.
Alexa C
Alexa C
14:56 10 Nov 20
Best locksmith in NYC 10/10
James Macharia
James M.
07:49 10 Nov 20
I lost my car keys and was locked out of my car I called levy and he arrived on time to fix the problem without any problems . Very professional and amazing service.
Kane Richardson
Kane R.
07:46 10 Nov 20
Outstanding service came very fast and fixed my lock.
Michael Jhonson
Michael J.
07:40 10 Nov 20
Good service
Christoffer Henry
Christoffer H.
05:52 08 Nov 20
Quality service great service,Came and did a great job, highly recommended
James Hood
James H.
05:52 08 Nov 20
Came very quick did the job I needed was very professional and nice (if you ever get stuck in a situation like me give them a call) highly recommended.
Jimmy Albert
Jimmy A.
12:56 07 Nov 20
Professional service at an amazing fair price 10/10 thank you levy.
Mary Louis
Mary L.
12:52 07 Nov 20
Responded very quickly. Did a nice job for a fair price.
alex melamud
alex M.
16:47 06 Nov 20
Mr Levy is exceptional. I have used his lock smith services on numerous occasions. When ever I call him..he is always available to assist me. Mr Levy is professional, kind, and compassionate, who does quality work. I would highly recommend his services to everyone!Wanda M
Wanda Muffin
Wanda M.
16:00 05 Nov 20
Levi did a great job, Quick and amazing service this was the second time I hired him first time I was locked out of my car and the second time I was locked out of my home he did great on both jobs thank you Levi. Highly recommended
Elina Siyole
Elina S.
11:39 05 Nov 20
Came super fast and did the job I needed. I was locked out of my apartments because I lost my keys he came and did the job in less then 30 min and was very kind and professional 10/10
Aleeja Brel
Aleeja B.
11:35 05 Nov 20
I was locked out of my house. And the first locksmith that came tried to open my door with a screwdriver, obviously it didn’t work. Then he told me that he needs to drill out the lock, I definitely did not want to do that. After I called Levi locksmith, he responded promptly then technician was at my house within 20 minutes, he picked the lock as I asked and I was inside of my house within minutes. Very professional very nice, saved them on speed dial
James Smith
James S.
16:11 03 Nov 20
Got locked out of my apartment building and was desperately trying to get home I called ny lock smith near me and he showed up within 25 minutes he got the door open, super respectful and highly recommended thank you Levi
Emma Lucia
Emma L.
16:11 03 Nov 20
vera rodgers
vera R.
19:11 02 Nov 20
avi chassid
avi C.
20:40 26 Oct 20
was quick and fair price. thank you! highly recommend
Adir Peretz
Adir P.
20:39 26 Oct 20
Best in the business
alan pisakhov
alan P.
19:53 25 Oct 20
Great service! it was very quick and easy. He arrived within 30 minutes and made it look easy. highly recommended.
Liann Attias
Liann A.
19:50 25 Oct 20
Ilya Iskhakov
Ilya I.
23:10 21 Sep 20
amor proivido
amor P.
22:33 21 Sep 20
yoni malol
yoni M.
16:19 15 Sep 20
the lockmith dude came fast and was so nice!
shneor elisha
shneor E.
14:51 15 Sep 20
Good people .. honest people and as a good price .. a really good company👌👌👌👌
David Binyamin
David B.
03:45 15 Sep 20
Great service and reasonable prices Thanks for your service
Jack Soby
Jack S.
03:35 15 Sep 20
Thank you for the service
יוסף חיים פיקס
יוסף חיים פ.
02:49 15 Sep 20
The service was so amazing !
Menachem Steinberg
Menachem S.
02:36 15 Sep 20
eliyahu kindil
eliyahu K.
02:19 15 Sep 20
Awesome company! The guy was super professional and fast, very helpful and great prices! Good to know I have who to call anytime I need this service and know what to except, very trustworthy 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Zorin Dahari
Zorin D.
03:11 01 Sep 20
Great service and they gave a fair price. Would recommend!
Melanie Ausman
Melanie A.
22:55 31 Aug 20
Very good service, I'll recommend.
yossi rabinovitz
yossi R.
21:07 30 Aug 20
Very kind service, definitely recommend
Itzik Dayan
Itzik D.
18:37 30 Aug 20
I was locked out of the house, the technician arrived quickly, worked professionally and charged me a decent price
משה רבינוביץ
משה ר.
04:25 30 Aug 20

automotive Locksmith

Automatic locksmiths are a type of specialized locksmith that their aim is on repair, install, or change several vehicle locks, keys, and security systems. We call them car locksmiths or auto locksmiths. Anyone working in this business can generate car keys and fix ignition alterations. Such a locksmith can also repair your vehicle’s locking mechanisms, simply lock, and unlock it. Usually, skills vary from a locksmith to another locksmith. However, all locksmiths are skilled in automotive servicing of locks.

Automatic locksmiths look like security engineers for your cars; that’s why they are specialized locksmiths. Many generalist locksmiths will be able to get into some old vehicles, but newer vehicles require access tools and vehicle types to avoid door locks or unknown openings. You will need this locksmith if you lose your car keys or lock them in your vehicle.

As car safety improves, the technology used in car keys makes it difficult to copy or replace them. The automotive locksmith uses advanced diagnostic testers to program sophisticated keys and cutting machines to make high-security laser keys used in today’s vehicle

automotive Locksmith

To be a skillful and competent locksmith, you will need a lot of patience. Locksmiths can open some cars in a second, while others can take up to 30 minutes, all to their level of patience, skill, and knowledge for cars. A localized locksmith may need to move away from many roadblocks without success until it has sufficient time and practice to understand fully the various lock opening techniques required to open the door of the car in question.

The locksmith is well vast in mechanics and electromechanics to solve problems when things are not working as expected. Locksmiths also have the advanced capability of Eeprom applications to encode more sophisticated car keys that cannot be programmed by connecting a diagnostic tester. With that in mind, they will master both welding skills and electronic components.

Personal references They tend to be a real individual, which means they are independent, stable, persistent, authentic, practical, and economical. They love handling tough, physical, sports, and mechanical tasks. Some of them are conventional, which means they are conscientious and conservative.

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What Services Do Car Locksmiths Offer?

Carlock Service

This situation needs to be addressed by a certified locksmith service and not just anyone. If you take it as an emergency, no matter what your service call, they show up and return to your car after fixing it. This service includes

Reprogramming the transponder key

Transponder keys work with the ignition system in your vehicle, protecting your vehicle at all times. If your transponder keys stop working at some point, you may need to reprogram. These keys are falsely state-of-the-art and, therefore, should only be handled by an expert locksmith who knows what you are doing, like the locksmith of our 24-hour locksmith team.

Replacing the car key

If you want to duplicate or replace your car keys, locksmiths can help you meet all your car key copying needs and thus help you create your car keys, regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving.

Repaired ignition damage

The ignition systems operate in a kind of chain reaction, with one part leading to the other, from the piston lobe to the switch, which activates the breakpoints, which are subsequently, opened, which causes the circuit to turn on the circuit. Pause if one of the stages of the chain reaction fails, the locksmiths can help you solve the problem and get you back on track.
Locksmiths are well trained and well versed in the latest technology and advances in car locks and ignition keys.

Our services

The New York locksmith near me in Brooklyn, NY, is here to provide you with a wide range of automatic locksmith services to meet your specific automotive needs. Our qualified staff is familiar with all central locking and transponder systems and we maintain an extensive database that allows us to open your car if you do not have your key. Our highly skilled auto lock technicians will do the job to your satisfaction. We have the tools and the most efficient knowledge needed for fast and highly effective car locking solutions. We are a team of confidence. All our locksmiths are properly licensed, insured, and qualified.

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